The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

Worried about having everything on the flats with you? Scared that your camera is getting wet after a spontaneous swim? Rocks can be sometimes slippery and rivers far too often deeper than expected. You need a waterproof fly fishing backpack. A good fly fishing pack has to offer a lot!: High durability, lots of space with minimum wight, the right size and the ability to protect your gear from the elements. Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Fly fishing for GT – Part 1

In the land of the giants

A big GT on the fly is what every saltwater fly fisherman is dreaming of. I’m fascinated of GT’s since I saw the a video about it on YouTube many years back. Its a brutal non-forgiving fish that you either can tame or he will show you who is the boss on the reef. There is no room for any mistakes and no GT will give you a second chance. GT in the surf… it can’t get any better! Read More

Los Roques Fly Fishing, The Bonefish Experience

Chapter 3

Bonefish I guess it is one of the few fish out there that make you addicted with just one fish caught. That fish is everything else than boring. If you are reading this, so I suspect you are a fisherman, and you haven’t caught one already you should threw away all your unnecessary tackle an go bonefish fishing. This is the experience every fly fisherman has to experience. Read More