Pikes of a lifetime

Today I want to tell you about big pikes, really big pikes. Since I began fly fishing for pikes I was dreaming about the big ones. The internet is full of happy fisherman with big fish smiling in the camera. All this motivates the ones sitting behind the screens. The tales from the old generation fisherman about descent pikes been fished centuries ago doesn’t make it better. Wouldn’t they have killed all them in the past there would not be only dreaming but also a serious fishing for them. Read More

Metropolitan pikes

Last year I got a recommendation for a new fishing water. A water in the middle of a metropolis, Vienna. The city I’m living. It sounded like a fairy tale. No long rides to the water, no high expenses driving around for hours, no wasted time that could be better used with a fly in the water. But is this water really that excellent as many people say? Yes i heard from many people about that water. So I gave it a try …. see what happened during Season 2013 …. Read More

… more pikes #2

This is the second part of a fly fishing trilogy. Again out with a friend for pike fly fishing. And it is getting harder and harder. The water is not very big and since it is pretty new to many fisherman all head for the same, PIKE. The spinning fisherman got already frustrated, somehow the pikes got used to their baits. Anyhow spinning lures, especially those from the old generation fisherman, are not that good. Usually its either a Meps blinker or some kind of rubber fish with a 50 grams lead. You can imagine in a habitat with a lot of dead trees those guys have to lure ultra fast not to snag a tree or something else sunken. But the pikes love it in winter much slower than usually, therefore they don’t catch that much, only suicide pikes. Read More