The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

Worried about having everything on the flats with you? Scared that your camera is getting wet after a spontaneous swim? Rocks can be sometimes slippery and rivers far too often deeper than expected. You need a waterproof fly fishing backpack. A good fly fishing pack has to offer a lot!: High durability, lots of space with minimum wight, the right size and the ability to protect your gear from the elements. Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Fly fishing for GT – Part 1

In the land of the giants

A big GT on the fly is what every saltwater fly fisherman is dreaming of. I’m fascinated of GT’s since I saw the a video about it on YouTube many years back. Its a brutal non-forgiving fish that you either can tame or he will show you who is the boss on the reef. There is no room for any mistakes and no GT will give you a second chance. GT in the surf… it can’t get any better! Read More

C&F Marco Polo Fly Tying System / The ultimate travel fly tying vice

Reduce to the max

Are you a fly tyer or a fly buyer? I love tying my own flies and I recommend you should do the same for two good reason. I became a fly tier instead of a fly buyer already very early in my fly fishing life and I do not regret it. First you have the material for the fly under control. The choice of the hook is especially for saltwater fly fishing crucial, but also the rest what kind of material being used. Second, is the willingness to understand the prey. This is not given when you buy flies in a shop or even online. It makes you a more thoughtful fly fisher that understands why a fish is taking a specific pattern and denies others Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Bonefish fly fishing

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Bonefish fly fishing

The biggest asset of Aitutaki in the eyes of a fly fisherman are the bonefish. These silver shadows grow up to massive sizes of more than 20 lbs on Aitutaki and although they are not regularly caught on the fly there is nowhere else in the world a higher chance to catch a double figure bonefish on the fly than on Aitutaki. Because this sizes are common on every flat in numerous sizes.  Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Another fly fishing trip to paradise

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Another fly fishing trip to paradise

It was long time quite silent around me. I apologise if you got bored to look on an outdated blog but I was and I’m still pretty busy with my job, and .. here it becomes interesting for you, the preparation for another epic fly fishing trip. And finally I got married which is also one of the reasons I can tell you some stories. We finally came back to Aitutaki. Read More

Is the SIMMS G3 Guide Boot the best boot available?

How about the best boots out there?

Is there a boot available that beats all other wading boots regardless who made them? What do you think?? I guess you can imagine the answer. There is of course no such a boot out there but I know one that is very close to this. Its not a boot that has no drawbacks and also not a boot that will live endless but it is a boot that have accompanied me now already two years and I’m still satisfied as on the first day. Read More

Guides N’ Guiding. Fly fishing on a new level

Guides N’ Guiding. Fly fishing on a new level

Guides and Guiding, hosted trips or DIY fishing. Some love it, some hate it. Beside different favors to head for unknown waters there are also essential differences in the value of a guide. What is the benefit of a guide and what’s a good guide? How about the rules for a guide and services a guide should offer. Read More

RügenY16 / Fly fishing in ice

5 years ago I went the for the first time to Rügen. Many times I thought not to come back and check out something totally different but I’m coming back year after year because of a unique chance. The chance of the really really big one. It is still waiting for me, unfortunately! Someone is calling it the pike wonderland and that’s actually a pretty sweet description for it. Read More

Indian summer is back

Indian summer is back!

Autumn is the best time of the year. It is not only the most beautiful part of the year but also the most productive for fly fishing!. I like this cold frequently changing weather a lot with its fast fading days. Cold hands during the day and a hot shower in the evening after a successful day. The time has come for the best dry fly fishing. Its a bit more challenging because the water temperatures highly influence the activity of the fish during the day but it is for me this the most rewarding fly fishing of the entire year. Read More

Dry or Die?

The days are getting shorter and the season change is approaching. The pike fishing is around the corner but first I decided to stick to the salmonids. Now in the fall it’s particularly nice when the trees change color and colorful leaves swim downstream. Right now the time has come to fish on beautiful graylings. Read More

Los Roques Fly Fishing, The Bonefish Experience

Chapter 3

Bonefish I guess it is one of the few fish out there that make you addicted with just one fish caught. That fish is everything else than boring. If you are reading this, so I suspect you are a fisherman, and you haven’t caught one already you should threw away all your unnecessary tackle an go bonefish fishing. This is the experience every fly fisherman has to experience. Read More

Exclusive, overran and ugly

Last week I tried out fishing a complete new location. A branch of a river that is know to its healthy population of northern pikes. I heard from this water already a few months ago but never had time to find try it it out. It is an exclusive piece of nature. Even you have to register to a queue when fishing a single day. Its name… Stempfelbach I was really excited whether it was worth the effort. Read More

Y14 Rügen Pike Adventure, Chapter 1

Day 1

The sun rises over the endless reed beds that are softly blowing in the slight morning breeze. The water is calm and crystal clear. Some small baitfish are swimming around your feed when you wade slowly through the water. Everything seems to be peaceful. But appearance are deceptive……. There is something in the water with bad intention. This is the moment when you focus your attention to just on one thing. Strip line off your reel, lift the rod and cast the your fly. All your senses told you where to cast, you can feel it. You start stripping, 1, 2, 3, 4, a jerk in your line…. and you know this morning becomes a great Read More

Y14 Rügen Pike Fly Adventure

As every year it draws my fellows and me to the north for some for some Baltic pike fly fishing on the archipelago Rügen. Let’s call it a relaxed men’s retreat wade fishing for plenty of toothy critters. The last two years were a hell of a fun with a partially unbelievable good fishery. With the cooling water temperature the big pikes migrate from the open Baltic sea into the archipelago. They can now be found in the deeper water areas and wholes. The journey begins…… now.. Read More


Sunday, again out for fishing on our recently discovered lake. This time together with my mate Mario. Although he is more addicted to spin fishing we tried our luck with the fly rod. The fly fishing on that lake has its up and downs. Recently more downs but the hope never dies. Read More


So far I didn’t had luck with the big ladies this season. Now in spring the chance is high to draw them out. They need to feed as much as possible for the upcoming winter and more important for us fishing guys is that the all present water vegetation is dying and opens up area that couldn’t be fished during the year. Now see what happened. Read More

The Devil Flies

Here’s something you might every pike fly fisherman should have in his fly box at all times. Synthetics are in some situations unbeatable and especially big ones offer a great shape under the water and also create lot of pressure under the water that can be recognized by the pikes lateral organ even in the murkiest water conditions. And never forget the visual imprint! Read More


Last Sunday, beautiful weather and I went out for fly fishing. Since a the last 2-3 weeks the weather calmed down and the sun came out. This will be my day. The idea was to fish the whole day from sunrise to sunset. And with the nice weather hopefully the pikes will be in good mood. Read More

Pike fly fishing tackle #The rod

What is the perfect fly rod for pike fly fishing? Do you thing there is an all satisfying answer on this? Asking this question to 10 different people you can be sure to get some different answers. 8 out of 10 will recommend a 9 weight rod and the rest tend to recommend maybe even a 10 weight. I rarely came across somebody who recommended differently. I love 8 weight rods that fullfill 98% of my pike fly fishery. Read More


Once more I tried my luck, very early in the morning. The water, a real jewel in the middle of a metropolitan city. It offers so much to me. Recreation, Regeneration, and fun. And it holds the biggest pikes you can imagine. Pikes above the 45-50 Inch class. Every year many of those big giant pikes are caught. Read More


It’s the early bird that catches the worm!

In this sense, Philipp and me went out, last Saturday, for some pike fishing in the hope that with the rising autumn the bigger pikes get hungry, leaving behind the pikes kindergarten. With the first sunbeams we were on the water. The water and the atmosphere looked so promising. But did left the pike babies behind us? Read More


Since long time I made it yesterday to the water for some pike fishing. Although I blogged the last couple of months about dreamy saltwater fishery, I still love my pikes. It is a different fishery but still fascinating. I didn’t had time yesterday a lot. Just made it for 2 hours to the water to a lake directly in the city, shutting down from stressful working day. Read More

RIO Leviathan 26ft, Get down or miss a change

Your line if it has to go fast down under

You might know the situation that you have to get your fly down very fast. The fish is swimming deep, you fight against current or the there is no time to wait till an intermediate line sinks. This is the metier of the RIO Leviathan 26ft sinking fly lines. They are designed to close the gap where intermediate fly lines are too slow sinking essential when you want to fish deeper waters. They already saved my Cuban trip when I fished there for Tarpon in the river Rio Hatiguanico and on Aitutaki I used them for smaller trevallies in the partially milky lagoon water. Read More

RIO Tropical Outbound Short. Like a bullet

Aggressive fly rods require aggressive fly lines

On Aitutaki I fell in love with an ultra powerful sort of fly line, the RIO Tropical Outbound Short. A fly line that is made for ultra long casts. A line that loads modern super fast fly rods easily. A line that cast exceptionally easy even at the strongest wind. The line of your choice if you want to cut through the wind like the hot knife cuts through the butter. Read More

RIO General Purpose Tropical F/I. Bonefish Weapon

There are situations when you have to present a fly deep for bonefish

On Aitutaki I was phased exactly this situation. The water was deeper than on the usual flats. Fishing with floating lines would have been much more difficult getting the fly down fast and keeping it down. It is the fact that bones don’t like when the fly is popping up too much. At least those on Aitutaki were very sensitive on too much fly movement. Big dumbbell eyes would also work but they also make a big signal when they hit the water. This are the situations when you need a intermediate fly line such as the RIO General Purpose Floating/Intermediate. Read More

The Grand Slam, RIO Leviathan 550 grain

What is your expectation to a fly line fishing for GT?.

It must be powerful to transport big bulky flies easily out, preferably up to the horizon. And it should have a strong core that gives you a reserve to land the fish even if he tries to cut you off on a coral. All this can be served from the RIO Leviathan Floating fly line (2015 Model is called RIO GT). Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 21 “The End”

The conclusion
What should I say now. I hope, with all my pictures I was able to convey you the beauty and the fascination of the south pacific. It is truly an unbelievable beautiful place on great planet earth and I am really proud to have visited it in my life. All the money I have spent for it, all the worries I survived, all the troubles lay behind, what is left is the memory of the journey of a lifetime. You have to see it before you believe it. What you have seen is just a snapshot of it. There are so many more varieties, the cooks offer, I haven’t shown, simply because I focused on the fishery there only.
Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 20

The last day
We are now at the end of my Aitutaki fishing journey. I didn’t thought initially, but I made an extra fishing day, especially due to the finally consistent weather with wind from the least problematic direction. And I couldn’t leave that paradise without another day with the hope for another good fishery. It says you should finish when it is the best so I wanted this feeling when leaving Aitutaki. I had this already once at Cuba, fishing for Tarpon. I lost a big one some days before and this was in my mind and It didn’t let me sleep. So I went for it and caught an even bigger Tarpon on the extra day. A big fish on the last day makes a trip totally perfect. So see what happened on Day #8 at Aitutaki. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 19

Day 7
The day I was waiting for the whole trip. The day started as usually with a call from Itu what and where to fish. Itu said something like that the conditions were rough but possible to went outside of the reef. We agreed to went outside of the reef to fish for tuna and mahi mahi. Sushi time!! Screaming reel and fresh sushi with soy sauce were already in my mind but it came completely different. See what happened Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 18

Blue Water Fishing
There is another very interesting kind of fishing you can do at Aitutaki. Far aside of the blue lagoon, outside of the reef Aitutaki offers a paradise for blue water fishery for a big variety of fish. If you want to fish for yellowfin tuna, no problem. Fishing for Wahoo, Barracuda or GT, No problem. Even Marlin or Sailfish shouldn’t be a problem. Caught fish are regularly reported. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 17

Day 6
We are coming to the sixth guided fishing day. Else than the more or less poor last day, this day should be again like Day #4 with a lot of big fish. I mean Day 5 wasn’t totally bad but at Aitutaki you get spoiled with some day where you catch and catch and catch. Also that day?, Rua was again my guide, Itu was still booked by another guide. Although I’m really happy with Rua, I hope that there will be at least one more day fishing with Itu. Why? Not because I thought Itu is better than Rua. No, but you know Itu is Itu, from Itus Bones and I would like to experience also with him. OK, now it starts. 8:30 Rua arrived at Ootu beach, also this time together with Junior. They were pretty hectic because they have seen something…. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 16

DIY Fishing

For DIY fishing Aitutaki offers a big spectrum of possibilities depending where you stay. I can fully recommend Ootu Beach, close to the Airport. Don’t you will not recognize the Airport at all. The advantage there is that you have 3 very good flats directly infront of your house and the reef directly in the back. Everything reachable within 5 min walk and the home flat just 20meters away. But be carefull. DIY fishing for bonefish is not as easy as it might look. Firstly there were a lot of fisherman who tried their luck already, secondly you also have a lot of swimmers and surfers around. The last is less a problem than it might look. The bones are used to it. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 15

Day 5
Day5, and still 8 days on Aitutaki. Slowly I won back my confidence that the luck will be on my side to fish all planned 7 guided days. When I planned the trip I thought the weather would be the least problem in the south pacific. Sometimes you are be wrong. On my fifth day the weather was not perfect either. Still a lot of wind and partially clouds, but the clouds where the smalles problem of all. Of course it made sight fishing for me more complicated but Rua, with whom I was fishing that day, had no problem spotting fish under such conditions. With Itu, we called each other every morning, I agreed with him every morning how we will fish, no matter if he will guide me or Rua. The guide that day was again Rua, joined by Junior, a trainee Guide, and fishing for Bonefish and partially for GT. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 14

The Guides
Bone fishing is a big business on Aitutaki. Depending on the season there are more or less a lot of anglers on the atoll. In terms of guiding you have two options at Aitutaki. Firstly you do have Itu Davey and his guides that offer all kind of fishing. Literally everything you want to do in terms of fishing can be provided by them. No matter of bone fishing, GT fishing, Reef fishing or even offshore fishing with their new 10 meter offshore boat. The second option is Butch Leone who is already guiding on Aitutaki since a lot of years whom you can book fishing inside the lagoon for bonefish and also other species. Since I haven’t fished with him I can’t tell you much about him, just that he is a friendly and competent guide. So my below review is only in respect to Itu and Rua Davey. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 13

Day 4
The fish are getting bigger. This day it was planned to fish again for GT in the hope to get at last the big GT we were after. Itu was unfortunately already booked by another client. It was planned to fish more days with him but the weather really balked my plans. So Rua saved the day once more and came together with Shaka, a funny guy that is also guiding for Itu. The weather was much better than the days before but not fully perfect. At least the wind came from a direction from where the flats where sheltered by the islands. Good but not perfect
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Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 10

Day 3
.. at last. I was close to get a crazy there. Every day wind, wind and even more wind. Finally there came a slightly calmer day. Yuhuu.. Or should I say fuck!!?!?!. I was not the only angler on the island and Itu was already booked. Don’t give up hope, Itu said, and sent me his brother Rua. Yuhuu, lets go fishing. I really had panic that I couldn’t have made my 7 days of guided fishing. But, OK, day 3 was about to start. Quickly for a breakfast and only the cooperation of the bones could stop me now. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 9

Getting There

How to come to the most beautiful place in the world? With all the beauty of the lagoon and the big fishes in mind, as a European, I have to say Aitutaki is really far away. Flying overseas is peanuts, compared to this. Almost 50 hours of travel time, 23.000 km of distance to travel and 12 hours of time difference. If you now ask me if it was worth to do. Definitely yes, it was. I’m even honest that I did such a extreme journey. Whatever comes after will be just a piece of cake. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 8

Day two

My second guided day. This day I was invited to fish with Itu and Rua (brothers) together with a clear target. A Giant Trevally on the fly. I can tell you in front, that was the best guided day I had so far. Each, Itu or Rua, has the ability to spot fish far away and in a very good count. But having four eagle eyes on board was awesome. No fish did escape from our vision. Casting and hooking all of them was a different topic but you will see later. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 7

Giant Trevally

The ultimate gangster of the flats. I was dreaming of GTs since I saw a guy fighting one on the fly rod at Youtube. They grow up to 200 lbs and 150 cm of length. Fighting one is like you hook a truck at full speed. They can make mince meat out of a 12 weight rod with within seconds if the angler is not prepared. There is no room for mistakes when fishing for GTs. And most of all they are very clever. They really know their hunting ground and use every obstacle to fool you. If there is a coral in their way they will use it to get rid of the fly line and at last the hook. Hooking a big one, fighting and land him, then you can say you really reached the peak of what is possible with the fly rod. There is only a handful of fish that can top a Giant Trevally. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 6

Day one

Let me remind to that day….. Its already more than a month ago but I still can remember like it was yesterday. We initially canceled that day fishing because the weather forecast said that it’s too windy. So I went out in the early morning for DIY fishing. I was 10 minutes on the home flat as my girl friend came running with the message that Kaleena, Itu’s wife is on the phone with the message that fishing can start because the weather became better. I think I made the 100 meters on the flat faster than Usain Bolt. On the phone Itu told me that Rua, his brother, is going to fish with me on that day and he will pick me up directly in front of our beach villa. Read More

Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 5


When I think about bonefish immediately a screaming reel comes in my mind. I haven’t seen so far a fish that takes, compared to his size, more line than a bonefish. These are pretty amazing fish. Hard to land, hard to catch and the most of all hard to see. I was fishing for them already in Cuba and they were a miracle already there but in Aitutaki bone fishing comes to its peak, .. for spotting them and especially because of their size. In Aitutaki catching a bigger one, lets say, above 7 pounds is more likely
than catching a small one.
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Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 4

The Fishing

There are many reasons to come to Aitutaki, but if you are a fisherman, the biggest of all reasons is the fishery. The lagoon is full of fish, starting from Bonefish, to several trevally species, triggerfish, milkfish, and many more. And the best, they are all catchable with the fly rod if you know how. The main target fish is the Bonefish. No wonder, the atoll became known and popular for it’s bonefish conservation program. In 2009 the marine resort decided to protect the bonefish population, prohibiting netting for bonefish in the lagoon of Aitutaki, and only allowed catch and release fishery for bonefish. The device was. Get the wolf to protect the sheep. The netting fisherman of the past times are the guides that make fly fishermen’s dream come true.

Aitutaki Flies
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Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 3

The blue Lagoon

Aitutaki is famous about its turquoise-blue lagoon. And this lagoon is so blue that it should be stated in the Duden under true blue. You firstly see the lagoon when you come with the plane. When the plane circles over the lagoon you do see billions of turquoise-blue facets only interrupted by the dark color of the corals blocks, almost white sandy beaches and the green of the palm trees. In that moment I knew that it was worth to come the long way from Europe to the cook islands.

Aitutaki Flies
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Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 1


Everything started two years before in Cuba where I got infected by the salt water fly fishing virus for Bonefish and Tarpon. From the first minute it was clear that this was not my last adventure to salt water. Last year we were a little bit unsure where to go so at last we decided to go for a vacation close to our home, firstly to take the dog with, secondly to save for the ultimate trip… for this year Read More

Heaven on earth

Where on the planet you can fish for the biggest bonefish, chase for mighty GTs and have also the unbeatable opportunity of one of the most beautiful islands that can be found on our blue planet. For me the answer is clear. In the south pacific, pretty much in the middle of nowere there is an atoll called AITUTAKI. Read More

Pikes of a lifetime

Today I want to tell you about big pikes, really big pikes. Since I began fly fishing for pikes I was dreaming about the big ones. The internet is full of happy fisherman with big fish smiling in the camera. All this motivates the ones sitting behind the screens. The tales from the old generation fisherman about descent pikes been fished centuries ago doesn’t make it better. Wouldn’t they have killed all them in the past there would not be only dreaming but also a serious fishing for them. Read More

Metropolitan pikes

Last year I got a recommendation for a new fishing water. A water in the middle of a metropolis, Vienna. The city I’m living. It sounded like a fairy tale. No long rides to the water, no high expenses driving around for hours, no wasted time that could be better used with a fly in the water. But is this water really that excellent as many people say? Yes i heard from many people about that water. So I gave it a try …. see what happened during Season 2013 …. Read More

… more pikes #2

This is the second part of a fly fishing trilogy. Again out with a friend for pike fly fishing. And it is getting harder and harder. The water is not very big and since it is pretty new to many fisherman all head for the same, PIKE. The spinning fisherman got already frustrated, somehow the pikes got used to their baits. Anyhow spinning lures, especially those from the old generation fisherman, are not that good. Usually its either a Meps blinker or some kind of rubber fish with a 50 grams lead. You can imagine in a habitat with a lot of dead trees those guys have to lure ultra fast not to snag a tree or something else sunken. But the pikes love it in winter much slower than usually, therefore they don’t catch that much, only suicide pikes. Read More

Hucho Hucho

Recently Stefan, a good friend of mine and also one of my pike on the fly fellows had a fish of his lifetime at the other end of the line. As my addiction are the pikes, his is the Huchen or Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho). He had already some of this bigger trouts last year but all from the smaller category. So a decent fish was still missing.
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Spare time pikes

When the season is about to finish every minute on the water counts. So yes I took the chance for some fishing. The weather was cold, like real winter should be. The driving to my fishing spot took ages. When you head out for fishing you want to put the fly in the water, not spend 2 hours on the highway driving. But as a city dweller I’m in the unlucky position to drive a lot. I got used to it.
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Last days this winter

The last days this winter before the pike season ends were very exciting. My fellows and me went some days out for getting some descent pikes before the season closes for 4 months. Just by writing this article a drowned in tears what to do for such a long time. But that’s OK, the pikes also need some rest and spawn so that there will be a new generation of small pike critters out hungry for our flies.

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Descent pikes and a broken rod

It was the 5th of January and i didn’t thought about fishing that day. But i got a call from a friend that told me that there is a new section to fish in a water that I have discovered pretty late last year. The new water has not been fished for a long time and is now available to fish for all license holders. It was not hard to convince. By the motto, the early fisherman catches the biggest fish, I was at 8 on the water with my belly boat. The water seemed on the first glance like a paradise. Even without fish I would have been very happy about that day.

It didn’t take long and the first small pike took my fly
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Top secret #1

Austria is a country with a lot of waters, lakes, rivers and meadows. That could mean something good in terms of fishing. Could!!! Since a lot of older guys went out in the past just for meat fishing each caught fish died. When over centuries the ration between released and killed fish tent more to killig the stock of fish decreased over the last decades. So except for Trout and Carp fishing there is no much room for extraordinary fishing in Austria.

But there can be still some magic moments on the water when hit the right spot where long time no fisherman put his hook in the water. With 8 million people you can be sure that every part of the country has been discovered many times. But most of the fisherman are lazy and our for an easy catch. THe modern technologies like Google Earth also offers some backyard exploring right out the living room.
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