The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

Worried about having everything on the flats with you? Scared that your camera is getting wet after a spontaneous swim? Rocks can be sometimes slippery and rivers far too often deeper than expected. You need a waterproof fly fishing backpack. A good fly fishing pack has to offer a lot!: High durability, lots of space with minimum wight, the right size and the ability to protect your gear from the elements. Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Fly fishing for GT – Part 1

In the land of the giants

A big GT on the fly is what every saltwater fly fisherman is dreaming of. I’m fascinated of GT’s since I saw the a video about it on YouTube many years back. Its a brutal non-forgiving fish that you either can tame or he will show you who is the boss on the reef. There is no room for any mistakes and no GT will give you a second chance. GT in the surf… it can’t get any better! Read More

C&F Marco Polo Fly Tying System / The ultimate travel fly tying vice

Reduce to the max

Are you a fly tyer or a fly buyer? I love tying my own flies and I recommend you should do the same for two good reason. I became a fly tier instead of a fly buyer already very early in my fly fishing life and I do not regret it. First you have the material for the fly under control. The choice of the hook is especially for saltwater fly fishing crucial, but also the rest what kind of material being used. Second, is the willingness to understand the prey. This is not given when you buy flies in a shop or even online. It makes you a more thoughtful fly fisher that understands why a fish is taking a specific pattern and denies others Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Bonefish fly fishing

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Bonefish fly fishing

The biggest asset of Aitutaki in the eyes of a fly fisherman are the bonefish. These silver shadows grow up to massive sizes of more than 20 lbs on Aitutaki and although they are not regularly caught on the fly there is nowhere else in the world a higher chance to catch a double figure bonefish on the fly than on Aitutaki. Because this sizes are common on every flat in numerous sizes.  Read More

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Another fly fishing trip to paradise

2017 / Cook Islands / Aitutaki / Another fly fishing trip to paradise

It was long time quite silent around me. I apologise if you got bored to look on an outdated blog but I was and I’m still pretty busy with my job, and .. here it becomes interesting for you, the preparation for another epic fly fishing trip. And finally I got married which is also one of the reasons I can tell you some stories. We finally came back to Aitutaki. Read More

Is the SIMMS G3 Guide Boot the best boot available?

How about the best boots out there?

Is there a boot available that beats all other wading boots regardless who made them? What do you think?? I guess you can imagine the answer. There is of course no such a boot out there but I know one that is very close to this. Its not a boot that has no drawbacks and also not a boot that will live endless but it is a boot that have accompanied me now already two years and I’m still satisfied as on the first day. Read More

RügenY16 / Fly fishing in ice

5 years ago I went the for the first time to Rügen. Many times I thought not to come back and check out something totally different but I’m coming back year after year because of a unique chance. The chance of the really really big one. It is still waiting for me, unfortunately! Someone is calling it the pike wonderland and that’s actually a pretty sweet description for it. Read More

Los Roques Fly Fishing, The Bonefish Experience

Chapter 3

Bonefish I guess it is one of the few fish out there that make you addicted with just one fish caught. That fish is everything else than boring. If you are reading this, so I suspect you are a fisherman, and you haven’t caught one already you should threw away all your unnecessary tackle an go bonefish fishing. This is the experience every fly fisherman has to experience. Read More

Pikes of a lifetime

Today I want to tell you about big pikes, really big pikes. Since I began fly fishing for pikes I was dreaming about the big ones. The internet is full of happy fisherman with big fish smiling in the camera. All this motivates the ones sitting behind the screens. The tales from the old generation fisherman about descent pikes been fished centuries ago doesn’t make it better. Wouldn’t they have killed all them in the past there would not be only dreaming but also a serious fishing for them. Read More

Metropolitan pikes

Last year I got a recommendation for a new fishing water. A water in the middle of a metropolis, Vienna. The city I’m living. It sounded like a fairy tale. No long rides to the water, no high expenses driving around for hours, no wasted time that could be better used with a fly in the water. But is this water really that excellent as many people say? Yes i heard from many people about that water. So I gave it a try …. see what happened during Season 2013 …. Read More

… more pikes #2

This is the second part of a fly fishing trilogy. Again out with a friend for pike fly fishing. And it is getting harder and harder. The water is not very big and since it is pretty new to many fisherman all head for the same, PIKE. The spinning fisherman got already frustrated, somehow the pikes got used to their baits. Anyhow spinning lures, especially those from the old generation fisherman, are not that good. Usually its either a Meps blinker or some kind of rubber fish with a 50 grams lead. You can imagine in a habitat with a lot of dead trees those guys have to lure ultra fast not to snag a tree or something else sunken. But the pikes love it in winter much slower than usually, therefore they don’t catch that much, only suicide pikes. Read More

Hucho Hucho

Recently Stefan, a good friend of mine and also one of my pike on the fly fellows had a fish of his lifetime at the other end of the line. As my addiction are the pikes, his is the Huchen or Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho). He had already some of this bigger trouts last year but all from the smaller category. So a decent fish was still missing.
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Spare time pikes

When the season is about to finish every minute on the water counts. So yes I took the chance for some fishing. The weather was cold, like real winter should be. The driving to my fishing spot took ages. When you head out for fishing you want to put the fly in the water, not spend 2 hours on the highway driving. But as a city dweller I’m in the unlucky position to drive a lot. I got used to it.
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Last days this winter

The last days this winter before the pike season ends were very exciting. My fellows and me went some days out for getting some descent pikes before the season closes for 4 months. Just by writing this article a drowned in tears what to do for such a long time. But that’s OK, the pikes also need some rest and spawn so that there will be a new generation of small pike critters out hungry for our flies.

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Descent pikes and a broken rod

It was the 5th of January and i didn’t thought about fishing that day. But i got a call from a friend that told me that there is a new section to fish in a water that I have discovered pretty late last year. The new water has not been fished for a long time and is now available to fish for all license holders. It was not hard to convince. By the motto, the early fisherman catches the biggest fish, I was at 8 on the water with my belly boat. The water seemed on the first glance like a paradise. Even without fish I would have been very happy about that day.

It didn’t take long and the first small pike took my fly
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Top secret #1

Austria is a country with a lot of waters, lakes, rivers and meadows. That could mean something good in terms of fishing. Could!!! Since a lot of older guys went out in the past just for meat fishing each caught fish died. When over centuries the ration between released and killed fish tent more to killig the stock of fish decreased over the last decades. So except for Trout and Carp fishing there is no much room for extraordinary fishing in Austria.

But there can be still some magic moments on the water when hit the right spot where long time no fisherman put his hook in the water. With 8 million people you can be sure that every part of the country has been discovered many times. But most of the fisherman are lazy and our for an easy catch. THe modern technologies like Google Earth also offers some backyard exploring right out the living room.
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