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I’m a blogger, a fly fishing angler, a fly tier and photographer. My Name is Philipp PFNEISL and I’m living in Austria (center Europe). I’m addicted to fly fishing, especially to any kind of saltwater fly fishing. I can’t resist bonefish or anything else that eats a fly. I also love the fly fishing in the rivers, streams and lakes in the area around me. Especially the pike is one fish that I can’t resist.

I believe fly fishing is a passion out in the nature that recreates you from a stressful life in the city. I’m working in a bank and I really love my job but I also love to switch of the computer and head out for some hours in mother nature. Its never boring. And I love sharing all my fly fishing experiences with you.

A few years back I started to photograph and I turned out that I really like it too. This is the reason why my camera is always with me on my journeys to show you the beauty and passion I’m allowed to see. And this is why you can read about it.. here..

Philipp Pfneisl

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi.. How did your trip to Aitutaki go?
    What flies worked well.. do you have a report from the trip?

    Paul. Anderson

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for your post. Aitutaki is great, still here for 14 days. I have tons of pictures and the fishing is excellent with plenty of big Bones and also GTs. Just missing a good internet connection to post about the fishing days. Stay tuned.

      Greets from Aitutaki

  2. Hi there Philipp,

    I would also like to know what flies worked for you over there. I’m heading over there this Christmas spending (2-3 weeks on Aitutaki/Raro) :)

  3. Hi! Awesome posts about Aitutaki. Been there myself and well, can’t wait to get back!
    A saw the fly you were using for bonefish at one of your posts. Like a tan, golden orange kinda.
    Just wondering what material you used for the wing? Craft fur? Ep-fibre?
    It sure looked interesting.
    Anyway great site!
    Tight lines

    • Hi Calle

      Thanks for the compliments. For the bonefish flies I have used EP Fibres. They worked really well. Even Itu and Rua were suprised how well they caught bones.


    • Hello Brian

      Sorry that I reply just now but I was a full month for some salt water fly fishing. I fear that I haven’t implemented this feature yet. :(( Let me look to find out how to. I was more concentrated to blogging than to install all features. Thanks for your comment.


  4. Hallo Phillip,
    durch Zufall bin ich auf Deinen Blog gestoßen und ich muss sagen, sehr schöne Berichte und noch schönere Bilder! Anfang November war ich selbst ein paar Tage auf Rügen zum Hechtfischen.
    Bin sehr gespannt auf weitere Berichte von Dir…….!

    Tight Lines

    • Hallo Frank

      Vielen Dank für deine lobenden Worte. Mein zweiter Teil wurde gerade veröffentlicht. Viel Spass beim lesen. Hast du gut gefangen auf Rügen? Wie bist du mit dem Wind zurecht gekommen?


      • Hey Philipp,
        schick mir mal eine PN, Du hast ja meine E-Mail Adresse. Vielleicht kann man ja mal zusammen eine Tour starten!?

        Gruß Frank

  5. Hi Philipp, nice to e-meet you! i came across you great blog and read with interest your story on Cuba ;-) on December i will go there with my girlfriend and was wondering if you could give me some extra tips? Let me know if i can write to you cheers! Stefano

  6. Philipp

    Thanks and congratulations for your amazing blog,
    We are a couple of Brazilian fly fishers andwould like to talk with you about Aitutaki,
    Could you please drop a line for us informing your email.
    Thank you a loy
    Luiz and Jackie

    • Hi Luiz and Jackie

      I sent you my contacts for more information about Aitutaki


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