Flash is everything

A very long time a I forwent around glitter flies because I was the strong opinion that they are not as good as natural looking flies. They don’t make a big imprint, they are spooky for the fish, they are for those fisherman that have no fantasy.

All bullshit and I will tell you why. Haha!!!

This year I have chosen flash flies intentionally. Initially with a lot of disbelief but a friend told me to give it a chance. And I caught fish immediately. The ice was broken and so I was using them from time to time to see the effect and hell yeah they work. Not everywhere but whereever they work it is a delight to fish with them. They are to cast like nothing, they are easy to catch, very durable and easy to see also for the fisherman. This makes it interesting because i keep more eye contact to the fly and so I see more takes from the pikes which is the best of all. And they have another advantage. The flash fibers do not stick in the pikes mouth so setting the hook ins more effective and successful.


Give them a chance ;)

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