Top secret #2

This winter was very calm and warm which is excellent for pike fly fishing so there was plenty of time to explore unknown waters. As i already described in my Blog “Top Secret #1” this can be very exciting and also productive if you find the right water.


This time a friend and me went to a water we have have fished already several times during the year but never went to an enclosed pretty shallow port of it. That’s the effect if you itself become lazy and fish only spots that are mainstream.

We gave the spot a chance and went for it. So close this spot was so far was it away from our imagination. But the spot was marvelous, not bigger than small square, with a lot structure of fallen trees. The beaver was good at work there. It is very shallow there so we were not sure if the pike stay in there when the water is getting cold.

It took not long since we got the first strike, and the second, the third and… and…. It was a fun to fish there. the pikes where not big, average around 60, but healthy good nurtured fish. And they were like crazy after our flies. Even if you missed a strike the pike came a second time for it. After two hours we said hello to every pike in the hole and closed the day.


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