Y14 Rügen Pike Adventure, Chapter 7

Day 4

There are days that offer a superb fishing, a great experience. Last day was such a day, but our fourth day wasn’t in no case such a day.

What was our plan? We didn’t had plan for that day. And we started far to late for experiments. Maybe we thought we will catch fish anyway no matter where we go. We just went for the first location that came in our mind. Unluckily there was another hunt going on that didn’t allow us to fish the spot we initially wanted. To danger to fish there when a hunter is after a wild boar. This is different to shooting on ducks. These bullets also kill you when you are half a mile away. So no way fishing there.

We changed to another spot not far away. And we didn’t had much clue about this spot. Where are the flat areas, where is the drop off, where is the fish. All this we could have spotted out with a computer but we missed that. So we where just trying and hoping for a catch. Long story short, we didn’t had much luck. The knowledge gaps in terms of the ground topology made to locate the correct spot.

Desperate for at least a single fish we changed again spot, a public spot known by each fisherman. Guess what, we where not alone. There was a group of fly- and spinfisher that cast to every imaginable place. If there are pikes they must have seen each fly many times. For me an absolute nogo. We went a little bit aside and tried our luck. In the end each of us hooked up a pike. At least!


Next time, more pikes


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