Y14 Rügen Pike Fly Adventure

As every year it draws my fellows and me to the north for some for some Baltic pike fly fishing on the archipelago Rügen. Let’s call it a relaxed men’s retreat wade fishing for plenty of toothy critters. The last two years were a hell of a fun with a partially unbelievable good fishery. With the cooling water temperature the big pikes migrate from the open Baltic sea into the archipelago. They can now be found in the deeper water areas and wholes. The journey begins…… now..


Facts… Rügen is an island on the northern part of Germany at the Baltic sea. It is plenty of lagoons an peninsulas with sandy beaches and as well muddy meadows. The Strelasund, a 2km wide estuary, splits the island from the mainland Germany. It is also very well known for its huge chalk cliffs raising high over the Baltic sea.

So what makes this Island so special to me. Firstly the pikes grow there to pretty huge sizes. Every year a ton of record size pikes are been caught. In 2012 I caught a 45 inch pike on one of my first casts followed by a 40 inch pike the next day and many below this mark during the journey. We had an evening where the water was boiling from baitfish that were hunted by the big critters.


Secondly Rügen is different. Fishing is done by wade fishing. Many interesting spots can be reached by wading out on the lagoon. It is not uncommon that you wade half a mile out for a good spot. Hard to fish but very rewarding to catch pikes like that.


See what will happen the next days!!!


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