Saturday, … and we had different things in mind. Actually we planned explore something completely new, fish the weekend in hungary on the lake Theiss. But well, things always end up differently than you think

The rising water levels due to the past rainy days made a fishing on any danube habitat and its tributary river impossible. Since almost all of my waters are somehow sourced by the danube we decided to fish the old danube. This sounds now confusing, why is the old danube still fishable? The old danbue is a isolated part of the danube, to be exact it is the old riverbed of the danube before it got regulated. It is isolated so not vulnerable to rising water levels and blurring.

The fishing wasn’t a real delight. It was cold, the wind was blowing and on a lake without any sheltered areas this is really hard work with the belly boat to not get blown away. Lukily this had no impact on the pikes so we had success. Did I said we? Better to say, I had success. Philipp with whom I was fishing draw the short straw. It wasn’t his day.


The end of the story was that I finished this day with some nice pikes from 12 to 34 inch.


Being a fly in my fly box is not a easy job. RIP!


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