This Saturday once more it attracted me for some pike fishing in the hope to continue with the excellent fishing I had the last two weeks. When I saw the sun raising in the morning and the first sunbeams shining into my face then nothing could stopped me.

The weather presented to me like the fishing days before. The landscape covered in fog, mystique and promising likewise. Now a nice pike and the day would have been saved. Now my fourth week in a row fishing there the mode of like became visible to me as nothing else before. The leafs are turning into yellow, orange, and red but also the water vegetation turns from a solid green into a dusty gray. It is just a matter of some cold days and it will die finally sink to the ground. This will be the time when the pikes will concentrates at the left obstacles that will persist through the winter. Prime fishing time ahead.


But what happened Saturday? I managed to hook a pike just at one rod length distance. This is always special since you can see the attack and there is immediate action around you. Luckily the pike was well hooked. Something that I can’t say about the next 6 pikes that attacked my fly during the rest of the day. It was like bewitched… incredible. There were really good strikes but no hook set in the toothy jaws of that pikes. With hooks that are as sharp as Gina Wild. Bloody pikes.


Lets hope for better times


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