The Devil Flies

Here’s something you might every pike fly fisherman should have in his fly box at all times. Synthetics are in some situations unbeatable and especially big ones offer a great shape under the water and also create lot of pressure under the water that can be recognized by the pikes lateral organ even in the murkiest water conditions. And never forget the visual imprint!

Hook: Gamakatsu SL12S 6/0
Weighting: 7-8 wraps of lead
Tail: Flashabou (Silver, Sunburst, Copper, Kelly Green)
Body: Flashabou (Sunburst, Gun Metal)


I usually fish a lot of this synthetic flies, especially with ones made from Flashabou, This material is really outstanding in movement under the water. It does not memorize a lot of water, so even in descent sizes this flies are castable like nothing. A 10 inch fly can be cast easily with a 8 weight rod all day long. I do have some in my box with heavy, epoxied, eyes that jig a lot, and some without any weighting for shallower water and when jigging is not an advantage

This seems to be the allround fly and it is…… many times …… when pikes are not spooky and got used to blinking spinning baits.


Have fun with fly tying

2 thoughts on “The Devil Flies

  1. No it isn’t. I also fish them unweighted. This fully depends on the situation but I prefer the weighted ones just because they jigg realy nice

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