It’s the early bird that catches the worm!

In this sense, Philipp and me went out, last Saturday, for some pike fishing in the hope that with the rising autumn the bigger pikes get hungry, leaving behind the pikes kindergarten. With the first sunbeams we were on the water. The water and the atmosphere looked so promising. But did left the pike babies behind us?


No!! Within a couple of casts there was the first Baby hooked. I don’t know whether this is bane or blessing. On one side it is good that they exist because there will be the time when they become descent pikes. On the other side they are a pain in the ass and I’m concerned that they suffer from being hooked. I don’t like hooking them.


Fishing with barbless hooks is really essential. These smaller Boys greedy that they take the fly sometimes really deep. Especially with the Flash flies this can be hard to unhook them. Having a barbed hook will complicate unhooking them unnecessarily.

Luckily there was a pike that could be called a real pike estimated maybe 50-55cm. A gleam of hope. All in one I’m glade to fish there hoping for colder days, bigger pikes, and a glory future when all this small guys became descent pikes.



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