RIO Leviathan 26ft, Get down or miss a change

Your line if it has to go fast down under

You might know the situation that you have to get your fly down very fast. The fish is swimming deep, you fight against current or the there is no time to wait till an intermediate line sinks. This is the metier of the RIO Leviathan 26ft sinking fly lines. They are designed to close the gap where intermediate fly lines are too slow sinking essential when you want to fish deeper waters. They already saved my Cuban trip when I fished there for Tarpon in the river Rio Hatiguanico and on Aitutaki I used them for smaller trevallies in the partially milky lagoon water.

What is the speciality of this fly line? It is a sinking fly line, so it is having a 26ft sinking tip that sinks from 5 ips to 9.7 ips per seconds, depending on the line size. For me the 350 grain version where perfect to be cast with a powerful 8 weight or 9 weight fly rod. Typically the head is colored black and the body and running line colored in all kind of colors. The 350 grain version came in Trans Orange that gave me a good contrast and I was able to see the line very well. I also had 2 more Leviathan 26ft sinking lines on the starting line, the 400 grain and 500 grain. The 400 grain version would be my line for 10 weight rods and the 500 grain should do the job for my 12 weight, both planned to fish for Tuna or any other pelagic species.

I usually don’t like sinking lines at all because they are sometimes very hard to cast. Harder to control than floating or intermediate lines. But due their thinner diameter they cut extraordinary good through the wind. You need a good timing otherwise you can mess up your cast also very easily. The RIO line performed here, I have to say, very positive. I got used to the line characteristics very quickly and I were able to make very narrow loops to cast far into the lagoon.

What is also very special I really enjoyed. The line is ultra smooth with literally no wilting. You have an ultra direct contact to your fly. The running line is not the thinnest and feels solid in the hand ready to set the strike. They also have a ultra strong core with up to 70lbs of breaking strength that is off course a huge benefit when fishing for pelagic species, and resist being cut on corals. It also offers the feature “Density Compensated” which prevents the line of sagging in the water to have always contact to your fly with no slack in the line.

All in one a fly line you need for fishing in deeper waters and for the fast and quick fishing when you want that your fly to sink in the range of 1-1,5 meter even when you strip fast, very often needed for saltwater species.

Designed for the specific demands of anglers targeting the largest tropical species

Facts: RIO Leviathan 26ft sink tip
Type: WF
Sinking Rate: 26ft 7.2 ips sinking
Line Size: 350 grain
Head Length: 33ft / 10m
Total Length: 100ft / 30.5m
Color; Black/Trans Orange
Specials: Density Compensation
Core: Mono Core
Loops: no
Retail Price: 84.95 USD
other Options: Available in sizes of 200/300/350/400/500/600 grains. Sink rates from 5 ips up to 9.7 ips

Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies

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