RIO Tropical Outbound Short. Like a bullet

Aggressive fly rods require aggressive fly lines

On Aitutaki I fell in love with an ultra powerful sort of fly line, the RIO Tropical Outbound Short. A fly line that is made for ultra long casts. A line that loads modern super fast fly rods easily. A line that cast exceptionally easy even at the strongest wind. The line of your choice if you want to cut through the wind like the hot knife cuts through the butter.

I used this fly line on Aitutaki for DIY reef fishing. There was every day wind with at least 30 km/h. On such situations you are either a perfect fly caster that is able to cast loops small like an A4 page or you go out with a heavy, slightly overweighted, fly line together in the combination with a super fast fly rod. My tool for this was the Sage METHOD 890. Both, line and rod where aggressive and harmonized exceptionally good. With its 330 grain the line is exactly in the range of 8wt shooting heads. In fact the RIO Tropical Outbound Short is a fly line with a integrated shooting head. The characteristics of such a fly line is the short and heavy head together with a long and thin running line.

I knew this fly line already from the RIO Coldwater Outbound Short I used for pike fishing. It is a little bit different in casting compared to other fly lines but very easy to cast. Very similar to real shooting head fly lines you just need to get the head out of the rod top tip and shoot the line. The heavy head carries the fly up to the horizon. It’s very easy to cast long distances even as a beginner.

The taper was excellent for bigger as well as smaller flies. This line had no problems in casting heavy GT flies as well as small bonefish Crazy Charlie’s. The coating was soft and well made for the tropical conditions.

Designed for easy distance

Facts: RIO Tropical Outbound Short WF8F
Type: WF
Sinking Rate: Floating
Line Size: 330 grain / WF8
Head Length: 30ft / 9.1m
Total Length: 100ft / 30.5m
Color; Dark Olive/Ivory
Specials: XS Technoligy
Core: Mono Core
Loops: yes both sides
Retail Price: 79.95 USD
other Options: Available in sizes of 330/375/425/465/510 grains. Floating and 10ft and 30ft Intermediate sink tip

Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies

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