RIO General Purpose Tropical F/I. Bonefish Weapon

There are situations when you have to present a fly deep for bonefish

On Aitutaki I was phased exactly this situation. The water was deeper than on the usual flats. Fishing with floating lines would have been much more difficult getting the fly down fast and keeping it down. It is the fact that bones don’t like when the fly is popping up too much. At least those on Aitutaki were very sensitive on too much fly movement. Big dumbbell eyes would also work but they also make a big signal when they hit the water. This are the situations when you need a intermediate fly line such as the RIO General Purpose Floating/Intermediate. It is exactly the transition between the typical shallow flat fishery and the slightly deeper water at some locations. You can leave all your expectations at home if you don’t bring this line along.

I knew this line already from the RIO Tarpon I fished some time ago in Cuba for Tarpon which is similar to the General Purpose F/I. From color and look and feel they were pretty much the same. Same as at that time I had no problems casting it. It feels like casting a normal floating line. The Taper is not very aggressive also allows casts close to the boat. With its long head it also allows a great turnover. It is very easy to control long casts for fish far away. Some bones, and it is most common that this are the bigger ones, are often far away and almost in reachable distance. Then you need a line you can cast accurate even on longer distance.

For the RIO General Purpose this is not a issue. It performed on a high level while fishing on Aitutaki. Casting was a pleasure and due to its characteristics it was the perfect fly line for bonefish fishing. The tip of the fly line is intermediate. This helps keeping the fly down during the fly movement.

An absolute must for Bonefish

Facts: RIO General Purpose Tropical F/I
Type: WF
Sinking Rate: Flt/1.5 ips
Line Size: 310 grain / WF8
Head Length: 40.5ft / 12.3m
Total Length: 100ft / 30.5m
Color; Clear Tip/Sea Grass
Specials: AgentX and XS Technoligy
Core: Mono Core
Loops: yes both sides
Retail Price: 79.95 USD
other Options: Available in sizes of 265/310/340/410 grains

Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies

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