The Grand Slam, RIO Leviathan 550 grain

What is your expectation to a fly line fishing for GT?.

It must be powerful to transport big bulky flies easily out, preferably up to the horizon. And it should have a strong core that gives you a reserve to land the fish even if he tries to cut you off on a coral. All this can be served from the RIO Leviathan Floating fly line (2015 Model is called RIO GT).
Same as also other fly lines from RIO the Leviathan does have a short heavy head that eases loading strong saltwater rods within 1 or 2 false casts ready to shoot to your desired fish. In fishing for GTs you don’t have much time, it must go fast. That’s what this line is made for. With its mono 70lbs Core it offers the reserve you need to land a fish. The coating of this line is smooth and especially developed for the tropical saltwater fishery. The thin running line is easy to grip and offers good contact to the fly line ready to set the hook.

In my tests on Aitutaki this line really showed their potential. I had several GTs hooked up and even those fish that tried to cut me off failed. The line, especially the head had some marks in the coating but nothing that lowered their performance. Together with my Sage Xi3 #12 the line performed very well with casts into the backing. Just get the head out of the rod tip with 1 or 2 false casts and shoot the line. Its a very easy to cast fly line but also very heavy. OK it is a 550 grain fly line. That line must be heavy. It handled flies up to 8 inches with no problem.

A heavy fly line for heavy fish

Facts: RIO Leviathan 550 grain (2015 Model RIO GT)
Type: WF
Sinking Rate: Floating
Line Size: 550 grain
Head Length: 30.8ft / 9.2m
Total Length: 100 ft / 30.5m
Color; Blue/Chartreuse (2015 Model Kelp/Orange)
Specials: Dual Tone
Core: 70lbs of mono Core
Loops: none
Retail Price: 89.95 USD
other Options: 2015 Models available in Sized of 400/475/550 grain

Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies

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