Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 2

The Preparation

Uhhhh.. That’s a sensitive topics. I’m someone who always goes on the safe side. Everything that could be needed must be prepared. Like the device. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

The preparation for this trip was a little bit too short, we booked the trip somehow 2-3 months before so there was not much time left. This could have been done already long before since it was all clear that a we will go for a trip but yes, why doing something in advance and steady, if you can also do it in a rush in the last minute. For the fly rods it was clear that there must be a least two new rod on the starting line and eventually also one or two new fly reels. It came exactly like that. Especially the heavy reel for GT made me a little bit headache. How much drag is really needed, how much backing is required, will my Sage reels do the job?. A lot of questions that didn’t let me sleep in peace. Since I didn’t want to take the risk having a failure during the fight with a fish, I bought me a the new Nautilus Monster, a real monster reel where I was sure the reel would handle even the biggest GTs. At last there was also a new reel for Bonefish, one Nautilus reel would maybe feel lonely :)

The decision for the right fly line was much easier since I received from Itu already a detailed list what lines I should buy. A few additional lines that I though I will use was also easily organized.

For the flies the job was not easier. Searching a lot in the internet for recommendations and fly tying patterns. Actually there the internet is full of fly tying patterns but that’s also the problem. Too much choice makes the decision hard. The best in that case is if you know somebody who made the experience already fishing there. At least for bonefish I found someone who fished on Aitutaki from whom I received a lot input for the flies. Looking backwards this was deadly right. For giant trevally I oriented on fly tying patterns for Christmas Islands. Big deceivers and poppers in all kind of colors to be on the safe side. Till the first GT took one of this flies I have tied, I wasn’t full confident whether I was fully setup with the correct fly. But, yes, I were. No wonder, I boarded the plane with tons of flies that could sink a ship.

I also read a lot of the fishery for bonefish and GT. Who to target them, how to fight them. What can be done right, and what should not be done. The internet was my friend for this. I also received a lot help from other high experienced fisherman.
Than you very much Andrew and Eric and many others for your great help

Nautilus Monster
Nautilus NV-G8
Aitutaki Flies


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