Aitutaki Flyfishing, Chapter 1


Everything started two years before in Cuba where I got infected by the salt water fly fishing virus for Bonefish and Tarpon. From the first minute it was clear that this was not my last adventure to salt water. Last year we were a little bit unsure where to go so at last we decided to go for a vacation close to our home, firstly to take the dog with, secondly to save for the ultimate trip… for this year

Already last year I searched for destinations that offers firstly a great fishery and secondly enough opportunities for my girl friend so that also the trip is worth for her. The selection, I have to admit was not very easy. Finally the decision was taken and the selection were the Cook Islands, Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Compared to many other fishing locations the Cook Islands, especially Aitutaki offers also big opportunities for non-fishermen. As long as you like the sun and endless pacific beauty this is the island to aim for. For me this was beside the excellent fishery the most important aspect of Aitutaki. In my own interest, since I want to preserve the opportunity of selecting holiday vacations by the option for fly fishing ;).

Aitutaki, Where on the planet you can fish for the biggest bonefish, chase for mighty GTs and have also the unbeatable opportunity of one of the most beautiful islands that can be found on our blue planet. For me the answer is clear. In the south pacific, pretty much in the middle of nowhere there is an atoll called AITUTAKI. Belonging to New Zealand, main island is Rarotonga, this atoll is by far the most versatile island you can imagine.

So the trip began, on 21.May we boarded the plane on the hunt for the greatest bonefish, the mightiest GTs and the most beautiful islands and beaches. For 5 weeks…..

Aitutaki Fishing

In the next days and weeks I will keep you updated with the story of flyfishing in Aitutaki, 8 days of guided fly fishing, tackle and fly recommendations and much more.

Stay tuned
greets Philipp

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