Top secret #1

Austria is a country with a lot of waters, lakes, rivers and meadows. That could mean something good in terms of fishing. Could!!! Since a lot of older guys went out in the past just for meat fishing each caught fish died. When over centuries the ration between released and killed fish tent more to killig the stock of fish decreased over the last decades. So except for Trout and Carp fishing there is no much room for extraordinary fishing in Austria.

But there can be still some magic moments on the water when hit the right spot where long time no fisherman put his hook in the water. With 8 million people you can be sure that every part of the country has been discovered many times. But most of the fisherman are lazy and our for an easy catch. THe modern technologies like Google Earth also offers some backyard exploring right out the living room.

Recent a fellow and me went out for such a quest. We found on Google Earth a habitat that seemd on the screen the dream of each pike fisherman. In the middle of a steady floating stream, hundrets of meters wide and heavy current swiftness that makes it complicated to impossible for the easy going fisherman.

OK, we set the plan and hit the water with our belly boats. It was hard through the current, hard to land on the rocks and ever more hard to carry the belly boats through the flood plains with a lot of trees that block our way. Completely sweatted we reached our target. The water was there, seemed to be completely untouched from the menkind. We had only 2 hours before sunset so we carried on casting like the crazy trying to catch the fish of our desire.


The good it looked but no fish had the mercy to take our flies. It seemed that Petrus didn’t had the favour on us, the day was too mature and the pikes went for a sleep. I still can’t imagine that there is no fish.

Decide on your own, see the photos



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