Heaven on earth

Where on the planet you can fish for the biggest bonefish, chase for mighty GTs and have also the unbeatable opportunity of one of the most beautiful islands that can be found on our blue planet. For me the answer is clear. In the south pacific, pretty much in the middle of nowere there is an atoll called AITUTAKI. Belonging to New Zealand, main island is Rarotonga, this atoll is by far the most versatile island you can imagine. Fishing on the christmas island became a trend. Everybody who want to fish for GT or big bones is going there. But that island is a crap if you want to stay for more than fishing or surfing. No restaurants, no nice hotels, nothing… just fishing or surfing. Aititaki is different. It was very early developed for individual tourism. Thats important for me since I will stay there for 5weeks, also having my girl friend with me who can enjoy the island while I will fish a lot.

For fishing that island became known through its bonefish programm. Local fisherman, like Itu Davey, changed from fisherman to guides. Protecting the Bonefish and other speciem for the fisherman instead of commercial fishing and kill of them. I will have the great opportunity to fish there with Itu and Rua, his brother. I can’t tell you how excited I’m already. That trip will become epic. My dream…. guess. No its not a bonefish.. GEET..

But till there its a long way. Not in time but in preparation. I’m currently tying flies like a maniac,.. preparing rods and gear.. making thoughts what could be needed.. scared what I might forget to organise.. Let’s see :)

Aitutaki Lagoon
Aitutaki Lagoon
Giant Trevally

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