Red is yesterdays black

I bought a new play tool. Already when the Method was launched I was very interested in it. Why. hmm.. That’s a good question. Maybe because it’s red.

I own 6 Sage rods and without any doubts I would say I’m a fan of these brand and the rods they make. Maybe there are better ones available you can cast further, or exact. I wouldn’t say that’s the best rod makers on the planet but for me they work extremely well and I feel comfortable with them.

My favorite rod is definitely the Sage ONE I own as a #8 in 9 feet I initially build as a bonefish rod. I really love it also for Pike fishing because casting is as easy as casting a dry fly with #5 rod. So lightweight that I rarely can’t imagine there is something better out there. Unfortunately I killed it this January so that’s the reason why I have also a Sage ONE blank for the rod building in my queue.

So why did i finally bought the METHOD? I would say it was more the matter of wanting instead of needing. Firstly it is red, I said it already. Secondly I anyway wanted to have a spare rod for my most favorite pike fishery, and with a 9WT line I expect it to be an ultra lightweight #9 rod.

So lets see how it will be.

Stay tuned, I will post the progress of the two rods over the next weeks.

Sage Method
Sage One


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