Spare time pikes

When the season is about to finish every minute on the water counts. So yes I took the chance for some fishing. The weather was cold, like real winter should be. The driving to my fishing spot took ages. When you head out for fishing you want to put the fly in the water, not spend 2 hours on the highway driving. But as a city dweller I’m in the unlucky position to drive a lot. I got used to it.

The more I spent time in traveling the faster I am in the preparation. Everything is reduced to the minimum I really need. The belly boat is always inflated, it fits somehow in my car. So all I need is the boat, one rod, an assortment of flies, a valet of spare leaders and fly line tips and at last a pliers. Not to forget my camera, without I never leave for fishing.

So the end is near and it was time to fish. Slowly I lift the belly boat into the water and took place in it. The wind was freezing cold and constantly blowing into my face. This day wasn’t a waltz. My fingers started immediately getting numb, a feeling that every pike fisherman knows very well. This is pike fly fishing at its painfulest level.

As pike fly fishing is never the same, some spots work on one day and don’t work on another day. This makes pike fishing so exciting for me. There is always a surprise possible. You never know!. But this day was different. I was already fishing for 2 hours and i didn’t thought that this day would be a successful one but never say no until you tried everything. One spot, never had a fish before there and bang, FISH ON!!! and the same spot offered a second pike shortly after.

The pikes took the fly without any hesitation in the murky water. On one moment you watch the fly up and down, the next moment so you a pike targeting your fly. They are so furious that you see them taking the fly before you feel an angry fish at the end of the line.

Two nice pikes, 66cm and 70cm

Not a bad day!!!
tight lines

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