Is the SIMMS G3 Guide Boot the best boot available?

How about the best boots out there?

Is there a boot available that beats all other wading boots regardless who made them? What do you think?? I guess you can imagine the answer. There is of course no such a boot out there but I know one that is very close to this. Its not a boot that has no drawbacks and also not a boot that will live endless but it is a boot that have accompanied me now already two years and I’m still satisfied as on the first day.

The SIMMS G3 Guide Boot

SIMMS G3 Guide Boot

I bought it back in 2015 because I wasn’t anymore happy with my Patagonia boots. Also a superb boot but I didn’t like its softness and I was sure it will fall apart within the next year. Some of the sticking were already worn. Clearly not the cheapest boot and I have expected something different. A new boot was needed.

I checked out the stock at my local fly dealer and found immediately a boot that would serve my needs. It looked tougher than all the other boots. I have to admit that my sissy feet weren’t sure from the beginning that this boot will the best fitting one. I had some troubles with its comfort. Finally I gave it a try and bought them together with new waders. It was a true fair deal I could not resist.

Many hundred fishing hours later the boot didn’t became more soft but my feet got used to this hard nut. In fact I now really like the harsh comfort they offer. It gives me the security I need in hard and tough terrain I’m mainly fishing in. It also didn’t fall apart like all the other shoes I was fishing before. It looks used but that’s OK.

But yes these boots have disadvantages too. The out of the box shoelaces are a dream but the only last maybe a year or so. They will break! The replacement shoelaces from SIMMS will last a life long but are a paint in the ass to use because they are too thick for the eye hooks.

Lets see the typical weaknesses of wading boots and see how the SIMMS G3 Guide Boot performs
1.falling apart within the first 2!years
2.Loosing the shoe sole within the first 2 years
3.Spikes worn down too fast
4.Shor laces break with 2 years

Measure Simms G3 Guide Boots other boots from other brands comment
Falling apart ++ Clearly better than any other shoes I had before
Detaching sole + - Perfect result for the SIMMS here too; Patagonia similar; Orvis very bad
Spikes worn down too fast - ++ I had much better spikes on Orvis boots
Shoe laces break - +/- Patagonia shoe slaces were clearly better. Orvis similar bad

Observation period = 2 years

SIMMS G3 Guide Boot

The final conclusion is for you is that the SIMMS is far away from being perfect. It has its drawbacks, especially hoe laces, and they can be truly a pain in the ass but still this boots fulfil me perfectly my requirements and this is more than worth the money this boot have cost me.

I hope this helps you to find the best boots for you
SIMMS G3 Guide Boot


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