Indian summer is back

Indian summer is back!

Autumn is the best time of the year. It is not only the most beautiful part of the year but also the most productive for fly fishing!. I like this cold frequently changing weather a lot with its fast fading days. Cold hands during the day and a hot shower in the evening after a successful day. The time has come for the best dry fly fishing. Its a bit more challenging because the water temperatures highly influence the activity of the fish during the day but it is for me this the most rewarding fly fishing of the entire year.

Grand pool
Trout Fly Fishing

Only the bear is missing. Sadly we don’t have any
Trout Fly Fishing

5 things come in my mind that I really enjoy in autumn that makes the third season of the year for me so stellar.
1. Sunrise and sunset. Being also a photographer this is the prime time to be on the water. It is always mystical to be early or late on the water. In autumn the times when the sun rises or set are more moderate so it doesn’t contradict too much with my beauty sleep. And especially the morning is always nice with a good chance to have mist on the water that gives me the chance of a good shot before the fishing becomes productive.

2. No to less people break the silence. Many of my waters are located close to very popular hiking trails and during summer I’m barely alone. There is always somebody around me and being alone on the water is something I really love. I like fishing with friends and it is always funny but fishing alone a hidden place is awesome and a more valuable experience.

3. The spawning of the brown trout. It is also an additional highlight at the end of the year. It is of course something were we fisherman have to be especially careful and should not interrupt the game of love but it is nice to see them making love to ensure a new generation of fish we can fish for. And it is so cool to see big brown trouts chasing the females.

4. It is both curse and blessing but I also enjoy the versatility to fly fish in autumn. Its a perfect grayling time, perfect for not spawning trouts and an awesome time for pikes. I very often do different kind of fly fishing during a single day. I start in the morning to fly fish for pikes and switch over to the trouts in the afternoon. Sweet!!, of course the days could be a bit longer. That couldn’t be topped at all.

5. Me as a rather short person benefit also from the lower water levels. Many streams are now easier to wade and spots that were hard to fish during summer are now accessible. The fish concentrate in the deeper pools which is not a pure benefit at all. It makes the fish also more scary because the water is not as wild anymore. Its a more challenging fishing.

6. Bonus point!. The feeding windows are short but in this short period you can have the best fly fishing throughout the entire year. The fish are hungry and have to eat before the winter is coming and they will use the rare chances they get for a meal.

Yes, these were now 6 good reasons to spend the time outside on the water rather than indoors. Or not?

Hungry brown trout
Trout Fly Fishing

Strong current
Trout Fly Fishing

A good friend is fishing into the sunset
Trout Fly Fishing

Dead end!
Trout Fly Fishing

Wild river far upstream
Trout Fly Fishing

Mist on the water
Trout Fly Fishing

Brown trout before spawning
Trout Fly Fishing

Misty mountains
Trout Fly Fishing


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