Last days this winter

The last days this winter before the pike season ends were very exciting. My fellows and me went some days out for getting some descent pikes before the season closes for 4 months. Just by writing this article a drowned in tears what to do for such a long time. But that’s OK, the pikes also need some rest and spawn so that there will be a new generation of small pike critters out hungry for our flies.


So it was time to fish seriously the last days and our new water was perfekt. The conditions too, for winter extraordinary warm, and the pikes were in feeding frenzy. At least some of them :). So it didn’t take long since a toothy mouth smashed our flies.


Unfortunately even the best days end but being out with some friends for pike fishery is the best. I would never deflect an invitation for a winter pike fishing session. There is hardly a better fishery than this.


This time i also took one fish home for the table.


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