Lets get it started

King vs. emperor??? When the grayling is king, the brown trout is emperor in Austrians crystal clear waters.


After two years of mainly pike fly fishing I wanted to bring more diversity into my fishing. I have added some new trout waters I would like to share with you. The be precise three new trout streams complete my list of waters I’m allowed to fish. And if there is just one fish I could equally love like the pike it is the brown trout when it rises for a dry fly. I can remember my early fishing experiences it were always the brown trout that made my days. Of course over the years the methods changed slightly. When I had in early ages no worries fishing with heavy spinning gear even from bridges compared to nowadays with fly fishing the way is the goal. Dry fly fishing at its best. And that’s it what I promise myself from these 3 waters. But I have never fished there so it will be a complete new experience.

Lets get it started. I have almost forgot how to tie these mini flies onto a .12 tippet *smile*. Luckily fly fishing is like riding a bicycle. You can get rusty but you never forget it at all.

So I went last weekend out for some hours of spotting for new hot spots. It was a damn nice day with brilliant weather. Unfortunately I spent more time in experiencing my new camera than with fishing. What should i say, I’m lovin it,…. too.


One of the many thousand small inflows that feed streams and rivers.

And yes, That was my first brown for this year. And what a whopper

Soon to be continued, I promise
tight lines

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