A new upcoming adventure

There is something new, upcoming this spring. After my trip to Aitutaki last year it will be hard for every location to compete. Los Roques is different in many cases but in one case I’m sure it will offer me the same. Fun to fish!. Let’s see!

I was thinking about Los Roques and saltwater fly fishing already when I startet with Fly fishing many years ago. But somehow when it came for decisions in respect to the destination we always decided for something else, unintentionally. Since last years trip was a mammoth project in many aspects we wanted this year something more easy, more closer, .. less expensive. But also more dangerous. Venezuala and especially Caracas is treated as one of the most dangerous places on the planet. Not so good. Nevertheless I read only positive things about Los Roques. At last a friend of me, who visited Los Roques last year, told me so many fabulous things about it that I couldn’t resist to choose this as my next distination for some decent saltwater fly fishing. Tarpon, Bonefish, Jacks and as final touch some sharks! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttt. yeah!!!

I will keep you updated with flys and tackle I will prepare for it.


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