Outcast Super Fat Cat

Outcast Super Fat Cat

It was in 2012 when I thought a real boat is the only way of comfortably fly fishing on still water. Only a year later, I realized how wrong I was. Thanks to a good friend I made my first belly boat experience with an Outcast. And on the same day I called my fly fishing dealer to order my own one. An Outcast Super Fat Cat. And I’m lovin’ it

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Honestly I strongly doubted in the idea of belly boat fly fishing. I bought a used fiberglass boat with an electric engine to go fishing. My boat had even a flat floor where the fly line couldn’t snag. I liked it and it was also very comfortable, but it also had problems with which I struggled. A boat, even with a small electric engine is slow to normal fast and you can freely move on it. But that’s only a minor advantage. More important is to concentrate on the fishing not spending time in positioning the boat. And here it comes. I spent more time in keeping the boat in position, anchor up and anchor down and taking care of obstacles. And most of all I was always visible to the fish with this big boat.

It was time for a change. Especially because I started fishing more and more still waters. I didn’t wanted to spent the effort in moving the boat also from water to water. Another solution had to be found. I had a good friend who was fishing with pontoon- and belly boats over several years so I asked him whether I can try it out. I tried my first Outcast belly boat and I was immediately fascinated how easy it was moving around on the water. I was able to control my position, move freely, without stopping to fish. Both hands were free for just the fishing. And most of all I was mobile with it. I do have currently 7-8 water to fish. It is a huge benefit to fish all of them with no compromises. Buying boats for all of them would not only cost a vast amount of money but also would again take time, I prefer to spend for the fishing.

I guess you can now imagine what makes a belly boat better compared to a normal boat?

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I tested my first Outcast on 1.May 2013 and I was easily convinced so I bought my own one on the same day. I had checked out some other brands already before just for fun and from many aspects I preferred the Outcast. First of all it looked pretty well designed. I can’t deny that I made the decision based on a gut decision. In fact also on a rational decision the Outcast Super Fat Cat would have been the winner. With its 500 denier PVC fabric and the polyurethane air cell it is also from the specifications the clear winner. Unlike many other U-shaped belly boats of competitors, this one actually has an inflatable high seat that is not only comfortable but also ensures that you sit above the water level. This is a huge benefit makes manoeuvring and propelling yourself through the water a little bit more easy. And on cold days it keeps you longer warm since only your feet are in the water, even during multiple hour fishing sessions. All seams and welds look really good. Storage compartments and storage nets are plentiful. Plenty of D-rings and Velcro straps for attaching gear are available as well. The stripping apron with ruler is stable and does the job nicely. Two big compartments each side of the tube and two big compartments at the rear end of the seat allows to store essential gear.

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Specs: Outcast Super Fat Cat
Size: 64" x 45"
Weight: 12lbs
Load Capacity: 300lbs
Air Chambers: 3
Air cell Material: Polyurethane
Fabric Denier x Material Weight: 420 pc / 500 pvc / 30 oz.
Seam Construction: Welded
Valve: Outcast Summit II
Storage compartments: 4 big and three small Compartments
Warranty: 5 Year
Retail Price: 449 USD (~600 EUR)
other Options: Two colors available; Backpack straps; Anchors; Pumps; Bags & Coolers; Rod holder; and many more
Link: http://www.outcastboats.com

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Recommendation: The optional available backpack straps will make it easier for you to carry this belly boat to the intended location. Carrying as a backpack makes location changes much more easier than carrying it with carrying strap.

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I bought mine 2 years ago and I used it for more than 180 days or 600 hours of fishing in the nature and except once I never had troubles with it. It was pulled through the undergrowth, fished in summer and cold winter and it never received special treatment. In 2014 I lost the valve cap and when replacing it with a new valve I damaged the air cell so I had to replace it entirely. Thanks to the excellent spare part support, my dealer organized me within short time a replacement air cell. Exemplary!

Is there something that can be improved? Honestly no!. But there is something I miss on the Super Fat Cat although no other belly boat offer this feature. I’m looking for a way to mount my DSLR on it for an occasional self portrait. This wish is too extraordinary so I will build it on my own.

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Advantages Disadvantages
Durable polyurethane air cell and PVC fabric ensures carefree fishing fun The days are not long enough to fish it longer
Inflatable air cell for seat and back seat allows minimum pack size and maximum mobility
High seating position ensures maximum manoeuvring and minimum water contact
4 big and three small storage compartments allow to store all your fishing gear
D-Rings and Velcro straps offer flexibility to mount your gear to the belly boat
Long lasting warranty and spare parts support in case you need support

The bullet points of this review If you really want a belly boat that offers full functionality and durability even in the harshest situations, the Outcast Super Fat Cat will be your choice. I’m using it now the 3rd year in a row and it is still my first choice of all belly boats on the market. Now after 600 hours of fishing with it you can take my recommendation serious.

Last but not least there is one recommendation from me where you can buy your Outcast belly boat. I bought mine at my local fly shop through Rudi Heger fly fishing (www.rudiheger.eu). Also available at the web shop together with many other cool gear such as RIO, Sage, and many more gear I’m using. A very good stocked shop and secondly fully competent in all matters of fly fishing. Also known to offer his customers each possible service they need.

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  1. WOW! I have been a avid belly boater since 1992. I still have the donut I bought in 1998 for $250. A very durable and rugged one. I will have to upgrade to this new Outcast. And maybe get one or 2 extra for fly fishing clients. There’s so many places in southwest British Columbia I can think of taking this into! Tying flies shortly.

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