2014 Saltwater Fly Fishing – A Year Reviewed

2014 was a epic. A year before I didn’t imagine that I would fly over to the other side of the world for chasing GTs and monster bones. That was long time a dream of my and it came true!

Aitutaki Flies

My most memorable experience? I think this is I can clearly answer. It was the moment when my so far biggest GT broke the surface on the chase for my fly. It all happened so quickly that I do have just bits and pieces of the whole thing in my memory. The only one I really know very well about what happened is that it felt like hooking a fright train resulting in a short but brutal fight and in the end I held one of the most beautiful creatures in my hands.

The biggest surprise this year? Also here I answer because of my experience with the GTs. I had expected them much less spooky. When browsing YouTube you see courageous men that fish for GTs and hook them as it would be a simple trout and a woolly bugger. In fact it doesn’t show the good portion of GTs that ignored the fly. So it happened to me, maybe every fifth GT showed any interest for my fly. I thought this species would attack blank hook as long as it is moved quickly. So you can be wrong.

The most stunning thing? The night sky out there in nowhere. I never thought to see so much stars at night. This is a tribute to our industrialization and evolution of science. We pollute the air we breath, the water we drink and the earth that feeds us. We kill the world and unluckily many of us don’t even know how beautiful it could be if we wouldn’t do so.

What will change next year? Nothing, except that I won’t travel to the end of the world. :-)

Facts: Year 2014 in Saltwater
Days out for fishing: 8
Total hours fished: ~90
Blank days : 0
Species caught: GT/Bonefish/Barracuda/Giant Needlefish/Many more colorful ones I can't name.
GT caught: 6 (biggest 30 Pound)
Bones caught: 30 (biggest 11 Pound)
Other fish caught: many
Favorite Fly; Tan Gotcha with orange dumbbell eye and orange tip legs for Bonefish

Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies
Aitutaki Flies

I wish you all a happy new year and tons of fish for you in 2015.

Thank you very much for following my blog.


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