The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

The ultimate fly fishing backpack: Simms Dry Creek Z

Worried about having everything on the flats with you? Scared that your camera is getting wet after a spontaneous swim? Rocks can be sometimes slippery and rivers far too often deeper than expected. You need a waterproof fly fishing backpack. A good fly fishing pack has to offer a lot!: High durability, lots of space with minimum wight, the right size and the ability to protect your gear from the elements. Read More

C&F Marco Polo Fly Tying System / The ultimate travel fly tying vice

Reduce to the max

Are you a fly tyer or a fly buyer? I love tying my own flies and I recommend you should do the same for two good reason. I became a fly tier instead of a fly buyer already very early in my fly fishing life and I do not regret it. First you have the material for the fly under control. The choice of the hook is especially for saltwater fly fishing crucial, but also the rest what kind of material being used. Second, is the willingness to understand the prey. This is not given when you buy flies in a shop or even online. It makes you a more thoughtful fly fisher that understands why a fish is taking a specific pattern and denies others Read More

Is the SIMMS G3 Guide Boot the best boot available?

How about the best boots out there?

Is there a boot available that beats all other wading boots regardless who made them? What do you think?? I guess you can imagine the answer. There is of course no such a boot out there but I know one that is very close to this. Its not a boot that has no drawbacks and also not a boot that will live endless but it is a boot that have accompanied me now already two years and I’m still satisfied as on the first day. Read More

Outcast Super Fat Cat

Outcast Super Fat Cat

It was in 2012 when I thought a real boat is the only way of comfortably fly fishing on still water. Only a year later, I realized how wrong I was. Thanks to a good friend I made my first belly boat experience with an Outcast. And on the same day I called my fly fishing dealer to order my own one. An Outcast Super Fat Cat. And I’m lovin’ it Read More

RIO Leviathan 26ft, Get down or miss a change

Your line if it has to go fast down under

You might know the situation that you have to get your fly down very fast. The fish is swimming deep, you fight against current or the there is no time to wait till an intermediate line sinks. This is the metier of the RIO Leviathan 26ft sinking fly lines. They are designed to close the gap where intermediate fly lines are too slow sinking essential when you want to fish deeper waters. They already saved my Cuban trip when I fished there for Tarpon in the river Rio Hatiguanico and on Aitutaki I used them for smaller trevallies in the partially milky lagoon water. Read More

RIO Tropical Outbound Short. Like a bullet

Aggressive fly rods require aggressive fly lines

On Aitutaki I fell in love with an ultra powerful sort of fly line, the RIO Tropical Outbound Short. A fly line that is made for ultra long casts. A line that loads modern super fast fly rods easily. A line that cast exceptionally easy even at the strongest wind. The line of your choice if you want to cut through the wind like the hot knife cuts through the butter. Read More

RIO General Purpose Tropical F/I. Bonefish Weapon

There are situations when you have to present a fly deep for bonefish

On Aitutaki I was phased exactly this situation. The water was deeper than on the usual flats. Fishing with floating lines would have been much more difficult getting the fly down fast and keeping it down. It is the fact that bones don’t like when the fly is popping up too much. At least those on Aitutaki were very sensitive on too much fly movement. Big dumbbell eyes would also work but they also make a big signal when they hit the water. This are the situations when you need a intermediate fly line such as the RIO General Purpose Floating/Intermediate. Read More

The Grand Slam, RIO Leviathan 550 grain

What is your expectation to a fly line fishing for GT?.

It must be powerful to transport big bulky flies easily out, preferably up to the horizon. And it should have a strong core that gives you a reserve to land the fish even if he tries to cut you off on a coral. All this can be served from the RIO Leviathan Floating fly line (2015 Model is called RIO GT). Read More